Focal Point

Focal Point Mora

Discover Mora, a revolutionary acoustic ceiling and lighting system that allows specifiers to create exceptional ceiling arrays that enhance interior architecture and increase occupants’ acoustic and visual comfort.

Mora leverages the light engine and acoustic performance of Seem® 1 Acoustic and the simplicity of the TruBlade™ unlit baffle to offer flexibility in design and ease of specification, ordering, and installation. It offers all the options that lighting professionals expect from an architectural luminaire and perfect integration with acoustic baffles, resulting in cohesive, statement-making arrays that transform interiors.

Three systems offer various levels of customization: Mora Build, Mora Create, and Mora Inspire.


Focal Point Mora

Mora Build
Square modules that are the building blocks of a ceiling system.

  • Choose between two designs: Arch or Wave.
  • Combine square modules of 4'x4' up to 8'x8' to fill the ceiling plane.
  • Lit and unlit modules accommodate ideal luminaire on-center spacing.
Focal Point Mora

Mora Create
Standard designs scaled to the dimensions of the room.

  • Choose between three designs: Alpine, Radiate, or Ripple.
  • Each design scales to the dimensions of the room.
  • Perfect integration of continuous luminaires.
Focal Point Mora

Mora Inspire
A custom design realized with the help of our team.


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