Agency Background

Iowa History

Founded in 2022 by Rob Beaman, our roots stretch back to the 1980's to agencies founded by industry veterans John Hartley and Lou Mayfield.  Through his work with these two well respected agency principals Rob learned the values that carry on today.  Work harder, work smarter, and maintain an honest transparency with all stakeholders.  It's worked in the Iowa market for over 30 years, and it's the foundation of what our team strives to do in a daily basis.

Nebraska History

The history of Central Sales-Nebraska is one of time, commitment, and teamwork.  From our humble beginnings in the early 1950’s under the start-up of Mr. Bob Watson, to the beginning of our partnership with Lithonia Lighting in November of 1959, to our state-of-the-art design center completed in early 2020.  Central Sales Lighting has long been a staple in the Nebraska design and construction community.  We strive to make sure time & commitment are what define us in the eyes of those we seek to help through the design and construction process.  From our distribution partners, to our electrical contractor teams, to our design community, teamwork is at the center of it all.  Our longevity in the Nebraska market confirms that you will not find a team of professionals more dedicated to doing it right.  There are simply no short cuts to long-term success.