Iowa State University Gateway Bridge

ISU Gateway Bridge

The Iowa State University Gateway Bridge spans across University Avenue and now serves as an iconic architectural statement and welcoming introduction to the main campus. The design team was challenged to provide a pedestrian bridge that spans a quarter mile over a busy thoroughfare and interfaces at the concourse level of Jack Trice Stadium’s eastern gate. The use of a spare palette of building materials (concrete and steel) and strong clean architectural forms allowed the illumination to add life and energy to the design, rounding out the fan experience for all who journey across the bridge.

Side view of the bridge at night

Modalight “Moda Graze Exterior Static Color” specified in red and high-power output was chosen for its vibrant color punch and the ease of installation and maintenance. The static red illumination was decided upon by the design team and ISU Athletic Department to align with the university’s colors. The 10°x60° optic distribution provides full color coverage of the pre-cast concrete panels from top to bottom. Mounted within a steel ‘C’ channel with custom fabricated panels to conceal the leader cables between the luminaires they are protected from the elements, wildlife and easy to maintain. In addition to the static red luminaires, above the stairs from the ground level up to the bridge, Bega 66 160 surface mounted downlights with Vortex optics are installed to provide white light and ease the transition from the stairs to the red illuminated towers.

Pathway Illumination by Bega

The guardrail standards feature Bega 24 208 recessed wall luminaires that have been carefully integrated to ensure a simple and secure installation, while providing rhythmic pathway illumination along the entire span of the bridge.

Just out of view, at the East gate of the stadium, Bega 84 991 columns are utilized to both light the stairs and provide vertical illumination for enhanced security.

Within the towers, the Bega 24 208 guardrail luminaires show off static red LEDs to complement the tower illumination and serve as an intentional visual transition whether pedestrians are coming or going from the stadium.

East View of project
Fixtures Used on Project


Lighting Design by Chris Wojtal, LC, MIES of IMEG Corporation*

*Lighting Design conceived and completed while at MODUS Engineering.