Get to Know Chad Leidigh

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Happy Monday! We’re excited to introduce Chad Leidigh as our Meet Us Monday feature this month. You may recognize Chad, as he has been with our team for 11.5 years but continue reading and you may learn something new about him:

What hobbies do you enjoy?
Motocross, camping at the track, and spending time at the lake with family.

What do you do in your free time?
I spend a lot of time working on bikes, with 3 boys there is not a ton of it..

What is your favorite movie?
Gladdiatior or Shawshank Redemption

Chad Fam

What is your favorite song and/or what would you sing at Karaoke?
Tusk, Fleetwood Mac

What’s your favorite sports team?
Kansas City Chiefs

Favorite food?
Steak, but I'm not supper picky.

Favorite quote?
“Surround yourself with good people and good things happen.” John Hartley

Do you have any pet peeves?
Being late or doing stuff half a**.


Do you have any pets?
We have a dog (Zoey) and a barn cat (buttermilk).

Share a proud accomplishment?
I raced Professional Motocross.

Any interesting facts?
We have adopted 3 boys.

What is your favorite thing about working with lighting?
Working on and designing project with friends in the industry.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Chad and maybe even learned something new about him. Check back on the first Monday of each month to learn more about our awesome CSLA IA team!