Get to Know Mike McConahay

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We only have a couple more people from our CSLA Iowa Team to introduce for Meet Us Monday — we hope you have enjoyed reading about our team as much as we enjoyed putting these together. This month we are excited to feature Mike McConahay:

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I enjoy working on (2) 1970's Kawasaki motorcycles that I have been restoring, I restore old furniture (admittedly not that well), and I enjoy vegetable gardening and landscaping.

What do you do in your free time?
In my free time I mainly like to spend time with my wife (Gina), 2-year-old son (Sam), and our 2 dogs (Callie & Patton). On the weekends we go to church, farmers markets, playgrounds, take hikes, and do road trips.

What is your favorite movie?
Forest Gump.

Mike Fam

Favorite song?
I have music in my collection that ranges from 1920's depression era songs to modern alternative or country music and everywhere in between. If I had to pick a song from that I would say L.A. Women by the Doors.

Favorite sport or sports team?
Every year my brothers, dad, and I all go down to see a couple Royals game. While I'm not much of a baseball watcher, I would say Royals are a favorite of mine. Of course, I also watch every Iowa football game and cheer on the Hawks.

Favorite book?
John Adams by David McCullough.

Favorite food?
Kansas City BBQ.


Favorite quote?
“Virtue is not always amiable.” John Adams.

Do you have any pets?
(2) Stafford Shire Bull Terriers. One is 8 years old (Callie) and one is 3 years old (Patton).

Will you share a proud accomplishment?
Marrying the love of my life and being the proud father of our son Sam and our 2 beautiful twin daughters Olive and Sophie.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?
I like to walk along riverbeds and creeks searching for old artifacts or materials.


What is your favorite thing about working with lighting?
I enjoy working with many different types of people from all backgrounds of life and the constantly changing nature of the lighting industry and the Iowa market as a whole.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Mike and possibly learned something new about him. Check back on the first Monday next month to learn more about our exceptional CSLA IA team!