Get to Know Rob Beaman

IA -

We have an extra special Meet Us Monday this month — today we get to know more about our fearless leader here at CSLA Iowa, Rob Beaman:


Do you have any nicknames?

No fun current nicknames I'm aware of but I suspect there are a few out there I don't know about... 

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend my free time traveling, looking for excuses to get outside in all weather, riding anything with two wheels and pedals as often as I can, and hopefully learning new things about myself and the people and world around me.


What is your favorite movie?

My favorite movie is A River Runs Through It.  One of the few movies that is just about as good as the book it was based on.

What is your favorite song/ What would you sing at Karaoke?

Favorite song would be Running to Stand Still by U2 and although I can't carry a tune, I have always harbored a secret belief I pull off Somebody by Depeche Mode pretty well (as long as it's past 2AM).

Favorite Sports Team?

Favorite sports team is my beloved Chicago Bears... I think there is a saying about continuing to fail at something over and over while expecting a different result each time that hasn't sunk in yet?


Favorite book?

I was an English major as an undergrad, so I'm bound by the terms of my degree to throw something of literary value in here so The Great Gatsby. I'm a sucker for anything set in that timeframe and the short novel is my favorite form of the written art. I would add that my current job favors anything that allows a degree of escapism so anything by Stephen King, (especially 11/22/63) is the best junk food I've ever consumed.


Favorite food? 

My favorite food is my wife's Lemon Caper Pasta mmmmm.

What is your favorite quote?

At the moment "Somehow I stay thin while the other guys got fat" by Big Audio Dynamite.

Do you have any pet peeves?

Not taking ownership of shortcomings or mistakes and showboating. Hand the ball to the referee when you score and act like you've been there before…

Do you have any pets?

My wife and I are on our third Keeshond a rather spirited fellow named Bronko.

Can you share a proud accomplishment? 

I have a staff of coworkers that really do seem to trust me to make decisions on their behalf (or I pay them enough they're willing to tolerate me).


What is an interesting fact about yourself?

My father was a chemical bacteriologist who was heavily involved in the vinegar business. Hence my nickname in high school, the vinegar prince.

Another fun fact is I am an intermediate level mixologist.

What is your favorite thing about working with lighting?

My favorite thing about working with lighting is the creativity that it encourages. I was drawn from the very beginning to the thought that much like writing you can put things together in a manner or order that results in a truly unique end result.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about Rob and maybe even learned a new thing or two about him. Check back next month to get to know more about our awesome CSLA IA team!