Get to Know Devin Schupp

IA -

Devin grew up in Indianola, Iowa and received his B.A. from the University of Northern Iowa in Theatre Design & Production. He joined the CSLA family in December 2020 as a Special Assignment Field Technician.

"Coming from a theatrical background, I like learning how the color, direction, and shape of light affects us in our everyday lives."



Hobbies Include hiking & backpacking

Enjoys playing tennis with friends and going to farmers markets and craft shows

Fun Fact "I have an interest in historical electrical items, my most recent purchase was a traffic light from the mid 1950's."



Favorite Food "I have a major sweet tooth and will eat almost any dessert or candy."

Favorite Movie The Imitation Game

Favorite Architecture/Design Style A blend of Art Deco and Bauhaus

Favorite Pets "I am a co-parent to a curious, lazy orange cat, appropriately named Cat."